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Lee Wyzkoski, Owner / Operator, of Wizzers Tree Service, LLC started this business as a weekend side business for some extra cash. Along the way as the customers kept calling and Lee was getting busier and busier, he decided to take the leap of faith and go on his own full time. With only one pickup truck, a chainsaw or 2 and a few other tools, Lee had no idea what would be the outcome of this "business". 8 years later and Wizzers Tree Service, LLC has grown immensely. Customer loyalty and satisfaction along with a hardworking and dedicated crew behind Lee has created a company that keeps his customers calling. Wizzers Tree Service, LLC has been and continues to be a yearly Angies List award winner. Dedicated and honored to be a donor to many local charities to show our appreciation to those who have supported and have been customers of Wizzers Tree Service, LLC.



As Owner/Operator, Lee handles many tasks on a daily basis. You can find him in a tree working or on the ground with his crew, at your house giving you a quote for your work. You can even find him in the office helping with paperwork. Lee does it all. Lee started climbing trees at the age of 13 for his "after school job". After many years  of working for other companies, Lee decided to do it on his own. On top of working many hours throughout the week. Lee loves taking a ride in the woods on his dirtbike or quad and spending time with friends and family



Co-owner/Office Manager/Lees wife

Sarah is the "behind the scenes operator".  She makes sure everything stays in order to keep stress levels to a minimum. You will most likely receive emails from Sarah or receive your invoice in the mail from her, maybe even talk to her on the phone.  With many years of education in Business Administration/Management and Organizational Leadership Sarah brings a great amount of knowledge to the day to day operation of Wizzers.



Climber / Groundsman/Equipment operator. Andy has been with us since the begining. A long time friend of Lees from highschool. Over the years Andy has become a very important asset to Wizzers as he takes on the job of Climber.  Being in the tree industry since highschool, Andy brings a wealth of knowledge on the job to help ensure customer satisfaction and safety.

Groundsman / Equipment Operator

Dwayne brings hard work, dedication and loyalty to the Wizzers team.  As a military veteran, we at Wizzers are proud to have Dwayne on board with our team.


Groundsman / Equipment Operator

Chuck has been with us from the start of Wizzers. Chuck brings a load of expereince not only in the tree industry but with mechanics as well, which has proven to be a great asset to Wizzers time and again. 

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