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24/7 Emergency Safety Services

Land/Lot Clearing

Any Size Take Down Or Large Removal

Utility Right of Way Clearing

1/3 Crown Reductions

Crown Lifting

Thinning and DeadWooding



Whole wood sales

Bucket Truck Services

Tree risk assesments / evaluations

General Landscaping

Misc. Deliveries

Snow Removal

The A, B, C's of Wizzers Tree Service, LLC
Customer Service:


We understand the value of OUR customers! We intend to deliver fast, affordable estimates at YOUR convience.


Our Customers are given many different price options to meet there needs and satisfaction.


We hope to leave every one of our customers with a smaile on there face at the end of every job.

Our evaluation upon request of accurate pricing for our services, includes but is not limited to:
*Quantity of trees or services
*Size of tree or job
*Time to complete job
Before and After any tree we trim or prune, we clean and disinfect ALL equipment to prevent transfer of disease.
We love our job and working with trees. We maintain and inspect all equipment everyday before each use.
Tree Debri:
We believe in cleaning up is half the job!
Wizzers Tree Service, LLC is known for there clean up work as it has created many reaccurring customers.
All customers tree debri, if removed is recycled into firewood or mulch.
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